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Please contribute generously to help bring Henry's story and the Native American Olympian Film Project to life by clicking on the Donate button now. 


A Great Benefit to the Native American Community

Henry Boucha Ojibwa – Native American Olympian, and subsequent documentaries featuring Native American Olympians, will be distributed to Native American schools all across the country to benefit and inspire Native American children to learn about their cultures’ great Olympians, by giving them both inspiration and aspiration through positive role models. The educational component of this documentary and film project is one of the attributes that motivated Henry to initially conceive this project, as he wanted to contribute to the education and well-being of Native American children.

Please help Henry and the team by donating funds to see this project become reality.  All donations are tax deductible through our 501(c)3 nonprofit: Kay-Bah-Kah-Nong, Inc. Your donation will help bring this film project to fruition and make a difference in the lives of Native American youths. 

Kah-Bay-Kah-Nong, Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation with the Internal Revenue Service with a 501(c)(3) tax-deducible designation. Kah-Bay-Kah-Nong is registered as a Minnesota State Charter. Kah-Bay-Kah-Nong was founded by Henry Boucha, a Native American Olympic Silver Medalist, former National Hockey League Player, and United States Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee. Kah-Bay-Kah-Nong’s mission is to promote, empower and maintain the Anishinaabe (Original People) Culture and Traditions, as it were intended by the Great Spirit.



QCD - A Charitable Giving Tax Strategy


Qualified charitable distributions, known as QCDs, are direct transfers from IRAs to charities.  While QCDs are not new, the impact of the new 2018 tax rules is. As most taxpayers will be using the new, larger standard deductions and not itemizing, they will no longer be able to deduct their charitable contributions from their income.

But those who qualify for QCDs can get both the larger standard deduction and the tax benefit of giving to charity. The QCD is available only to IRA owners and IRA beneficiaries who are age 70½ or older — the same group that is generally subject to required minimum distributions of their IRAs. 

The QCD allows them to make charitable donations through direct transfers from their IRAs to the charity. The IRA transfer is excluded from income, which is similar to a tax deduction, but even better. Excluding the IRA income decreases adjusted gross income, whereas an itemized deduction only decreases taxable income.    

A QCD cannot be done from a 401(k) or 403(b), only from an IRA. See “10 Things Anyone Considering a QCD Should Know” for more information and check with your financial advisor or tax accountant for advice suited to your personal situation. 

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